जयपुर के आमेर जोधपुर के मेहरानगढ़ से भी पुराना है सोजत का किला

sojat kila

This fort was established in the 11th century by the Hul Kshatriyas in the name of Sejal Mata, and the fort was built in 1460 AD by the son of Rao Jodha, Nambi, on the hill called Nani Siradi. Here the Rajprasad and the temple were built inside the huge pavilion. In 1807 AD, the mint of Jodhpur state was established. In ancient times, this city was also known as Tamaravati. This fort built in the 14th century is more ancient than Jaipur (17th century) of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh (16th Century) of Jodhpur.

सोजत में प्रतिभाओं को मिला लैपटॉप

The laptops were distributed to 145 students and students in Sanjana Agri by the MLA Sanjana Agri, in the local Rajajik High School. While addressing the function, MLA Agri said that in the era of current communication revolution, students must become technically capable. For this, Rajasthan has given the youth the opportunity to provide laptops by providing laptops, this should inspire everyone. Principal Bharatsinh Lakkhawat conveyed the details of this important scheme of the government and congratulated the students receiving the laptop and received other inspiration from other students and asked other children to go ahead too. Distinguished guest municipal president Mangilal Chauhan, BJP district vice president Giver Singh Rathore also addressed the function. Presiding over the program, Subdivision Officer Mukesh Chaudhary highlighted the importance of study through a laptop. Along with this, the students deprived of laptops should not be disappointed and do hard work.


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